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How We Create Time Scarcity

The first thing we do is to try to stuff a thousand things into the space of 24 hours. Lots and lots of little things, and often quite a few big things.

When we try to squish a bunch of things into a container, of course it will feel overfull. So then the question is: what fear is driving us to try to do everything in one day?

The day is actually quite spacious, if we don’t try to overfill it.

The second thing is we want to do everything at once. We look at the long list of tasks, and feel overwhelmed, because that’s too many! Of course it is — we can’t do all of these things right now. And we feel pulled in all directions by the need to do everything.

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What fear is driving us to do everything right now?

The day can be beautifully spacious, if we just focus on one thing right now, and enjoy it.

The third thing is that as we move through the day, we are often very tense. That’s because of the two things above, but also because we are worried we’re going to mess up, fail, look bad, be judged, be wrong, etc etc. So often we’re constantly tense, from fears like that.

What if we could relax, and feel the spaciousness of a particular moment?

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